The Midwest Region Conference
is an association of nearly 60 churches
in the Midwestern United States that is serious about CONNECTING individuals with GOD, other PEOPLE, and the WORLD.

We are intentionally networked to be more effective at building the Kingdom of God, believing we can do more TOGETHER than individually.

We are determined to produce MULTIPLYING engaged disciples that positively influence their environment and beyond.

2015 One Day Kluster Conferences
Dates and Locations

March 21 - Mount Carroll Church - Mount Carroll, Illinois - Brochure

March 28 - Crossroads Community Church - Sullivan, Indiana - Brochure

April 11 - Idaville Church - Idaville, Indiana - Brochure

April 18 - Decatur Second Church - Decatur, Illinois - Brochure

April 25 - East Harrison Street Church - Charleston, Illinois - Brochure

May 16 - Brighton Church - Brighton, Iowa - Brochure

June 13 - Oak Grove Church - Columbia City, Indiana - Brochure

The Midwest Region Conference is a part of the Churches of God, General Conference headquartered in Findlay, Ohio